internal paints

Terrix® IP-ST-P paint is based on innovative Swiss technology combining silicate and dispersion binding agents. Due to its vapour permeable characteristic, it allows walls to receive and give off moisture naturally. The high alkalinity of the product delivers natural and long-lasting protection against algae and black mould growth. The paint is very high resistance to wet scrubbing and washing.



spray plaster coat

Terrix® Pl-SX-S is a ready-to-use plaster coat for machine leveling of interior walls and ceilings. For final levelling and smoothening of surfaces before painting. Suitable for all typical mineral surfaces (such as concrete, cement, limestone, lime and gypsum plasters and plaster boards). Due to its chemical formulation, the product dries even when higher relative humidity levels.



fast-set spray plaster

Terrix® PL-FS-S is a specialized plaster designed for machine application on interior surfaces, serving as a substitute for traditional plasters. Its smooth white texture reduces the need for excessive paint, and the easy-to-apply compound form allows for quick sanding after hardening. This versatile product works well on various mineral substrates, offering faster drying and superior bonding compared to PL-SX-S. It is an ideal solution for both residential and commercial buildings, providing a reliable and efficient plastering solution.



bonding-bridge primer

Terrix®PR-BB is a reinforcing, penetrating primer for use on veneers, concrete, wood, enamel paints, high-density fibreboard (HDF), steel and other non-absorbent substrates, which highly increases surface adhesion.



polymer-silicate external coating for cracked substrates and renovations

Terrix®renovation coating is based on innovative Swiss, patented technology converting potassium water glass into a polymer. Polymer-silicate coating offers all advantages of well know silicate coatings without limitations related to the application process. Terrix® EC-PS-RN is being used for the restoration of the most beautiful historical and listed building in Europe.



deep penetration primer

Terrix® PR-DP is a concentrated, solvent-free penetration primer for indoor and outdoor use, alkali-resistant, diffuse, and weather-stable. The product should be used to increase adhesion on new, nonabsorbent substrates, adhesion.