Terrix® polymer-silicate spray plaster and paint systems deliver real value when applied together.

Terrix® IPPS-1 Internal Paint and Plaster System

Once applied, you’ll never go back to traditional methods!


Reaction to fire A2,s1d0, in accordance with EN13501-1

delivers best-in-class protection against costly competitor products.

Reduced project times due to the speed of application.

Application in one coat for both systems.

No paint mist coat or second coat is required.

No flashing means no extensive repainting.

It can easily be patched and repaired in small areas. A free airless gun per project means you can spot repair without extensive snagging costs.

High resistance to hand scrubbing, easy cleaning.

Minimal waste and a far cleaner project compared to traditional methods.

Chemical bonding means no flaking or cracking.

Fully protective against fungus and black mould.

Fully vapour permeable, breathable system.

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