Terrix® IPPS-1 polymer-silicate spray plaster and paint system. Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Contractors – The Industry’s Game Changer in Snagging

Terrix® IPPS-1 Internal Paint and Plaster System

Introducing Terrix® IPPS-1: The Ultimate Game Changer for Contractors

Discover the future of interior finishing with Terrix® IPPS-1, a revolutionary plaster and paint system that will redefine your expectations. Combining Terrix® PL-SX-S spray plaster and Terrix® IP-ST-P polymer-silicate paint, this innovative solution offers unprecedented quality, efficiency, and savings for contractors.

Why Terrix® IPPS-1 is the Best Choice for Contractors:

  1. Industry Game Changer: Terrix® IPPS-1 revolutionises snugging with its two-coat system, comprising just one coat of spray plaster and one coat of paint. Save a massive amount of time and experience a new level of excellence in the industry.
  2. Flawless Touch-Up Capabilities: Our advanced Terrix® IP-ST-P paint allows for seamless touch-ups without any visible flashing. Maintain a pristine finish even after adjustments, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.
  3. Unparalleled Quality Finish: Experience a smoother, more decorative surface than traditional skim coat plastering or emulsion paint finishes. Terrix® IPPS-1 utilises cutting-edge technology to deliver a finish quality that is simply unmatched.
  4. Time and Labour Efficiency: Achieve up to 500m2/day/applicator with Terrix® IPPS-1’s user-friendly, ready-to-apply products. Dramatically shorten the installation process and reduce labour costs.
  5. Bespoke Aesthetics: Choose from an ultra-white finish or have the product tinted to your desired colour. The mineral character of Terrix® IPPS-1 lends a refined, matt appearance to your projects.
  6. Superior Durability: Experience exceptional adhesion and high resistance to washing, scrubbing, and yellowing with our polymer-silicate paint. Its microporous structure ensures natural moisture regulation and resistance to black mould and microbial contamination.
  7. Environmentally Friendly and Clean Application: Terrix® IPPS-1 products are ready-to-use with just a quick whisk. The clean, water-free application process is suitable for use on not fully cured taped and joined plasterboards.

Choose Terrix® IPPS-1 for Your Next Project

Transform your interior projects with the unmatched quality and efficiency of Terrix® IPPS-1. The perfect finishing package for any taped and joined plasterboard system, Terrix® IPPS-1 replaces skim coat systems and traditional emulsion paint finish with ease.

Experience the Terrix® difference today and elevate your contracting projects to new heights.

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