bonding-bridge primer


Terrix®PR-BB is a reinforcing, penetrating primer for use on veneers, concrete, wood, enamel paints, high-density fibreboard (HDF), steel and other non-absorbent substrates, which highly increases surface adhesion.


deep penetration primer


Terrix® PR-DP is a concentrated, solvent-free penetration primer for indoor and outdoor use, alkali-resistant, diffuse, and weather-stable. The product should be used to increase adhesion on new, nonabsorbent substrates, adhesion.


primer for polymer-silicate paints


High-quality product based on acrylic dispersion with silicone hydrophobic agents. To be used as a substrate primer properly before application of Terrix® polymer-silicate outer coats and for hydrophobic impregnation of all typical external absorbent building substrates.


primer for polymer-silicate renders


Primer for polymer-silicate renders. Suitable for priming of all typical building substrates in building exteriors. For application on mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, lime plaster, cement and lime cement plaster). Reduced surface absorption and extended workability time.


universal primer for absorbent substrates


Terrix PR-UA is a water-borne acrylic dispersion primer used for preparing indoor building substrates before applying paint, tiles, floor coverings, and flooring. The primer is ideal for priming typical absorbent substrates and is particularly recommended for use before applying Terrix® internal dispersion paints and mosaic renders on mineral substrates such as concrete, lightweight concrete, and plasterboard panels.

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