polymer extreme base coat for EPS


Terrix® AD-BX, a cement-free dispersion base coat designed for Terrix® External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems, boasts exceptional impact resistance surpassing traditional cement-based coatings. With a reinforcing mesh, it achieves unmatched impact resistance exceeding 100J in the Terrix® EWI system, far surpassing Category I standards. Its dispersion-based formulation not only resists vandalism but also provides superior substrate adhesion, eliminating the need for priming and streamlining application. Terrix® AD-BX marks a new era in durability and strength for EWI systems.


universal adhesive/base coat


Dry, mineral base coat/adhesive based on modified hydraulic adhesives and polymer adhesives with modifiers for manual or machine application. It is recommended as a part of TERRIX® EWI Systems to bond insulation to the substrate or as a base coat in the reinforcing layer. It is designed for indoor and outdoor environments.

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