universal primer for absorbent substrates


Project Description

Terrix® PR-UA
universal primer
for absorbent substrates

The primer, formulated with water-borne acrylic dispersions, is designed for substrate preparation before applying paint, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, and flooring. It is suitable for priming all typical absorbent building substrates within indoor spaces. Specifically recommended for priming substrates before using Terrix® internal dispersion paints and mosaic renders. Applicable for mineral substrates such as concrete, lightweight concrete, cement and anhydrite screed, cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, gypsum plaster, and plasterboard panels.

Note: The product should not be used for priming substrates with low wettability (e.g., plasterboards or dispersion paint coatings).

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Main properties:

  • Enhanced substrate absorbency reduction and equalisation;
  • Excellent penetrating properties;
  • Substrate strengthening;
  • Dustiness reduction;
  • Reduces dustiness;
  • Improved adhesion for paint application;
  • Optimised for use on mineral substrates.

Technical Data

Base binder: copolymer binder;
VOC content: cat. A/h. The product contains less than 30 g/l VOC;
Density: approx. 1.00 g/cm3;
Colour: milky, colourless when dry;
Usage: approx. 0.20 l/m2 (depending on substrate absorbency);
The temperature of application (air and substrate): from +5°C to +25°C;
Relative humidity: ≤80%;
Packaging: single-use plastic packaging of 5 l;
Storage: the product should be stored in its original sealed packaging in a cool, dry and frost-protected room. After opening and using some of the contents, the packaging should be resealed, and the remainder of the product should be used as soon as possible;
Shelf life: 12 months from the manufacture date specified on the packaging, provided that the storage requirements are observed.

CAUTION: Keep the product out of reach of children.


Substrate preparation:

Apply to a sound and clean substrate (without cracks and delaminations), degreased, even, dry, and free of biological or chemical efflorescence. The substrate should be free of algae/fungi growth.
In case of microbial contamination, the substrate should be cleaned with a power washer. Subsequently, a biocide solution for removing microbial contamination is to be applied as per the product manual. Discolouration, nicotine stains and efflorescence resulting from water stains should be treated with Terrix® IP-SB stain blocker. Any loose, non-bonded layers (such as loose plaster or peeling paint) must be removed. Clean and degrease old and/ or dirty substrate with water and a cleaning agent.
A minimum curing time of two weeks should be observed when applied to newly constructed mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, lime, lime cement and cement render).


The packaging contains a ready-to-use product. Do not dilute.

Application method:

Apply the product to the substrate with a paintbrush, roller or spray. 
Using the wet-on-wet method, it is recommended to use two coats for highly absorbent substrates.

Note: The primer should penetrate completely into the substrate without creating any tight coating (so-called “film”) or stains on its surface.


The drying time of the primer applied to the substrate before paint application is approximately 3 hours (+20 ° C and relative humidity 55%).
After priming, enclosed areas should be properly ventilated.

Application conditions:

The air temperature should be above + 5 ° C during application and drying.
Wash the tools immediately with water after finishing the work.


Property High quality silicon renders in the U.K.

(manual application)

Terrix® polymer-silicate
1 Render type silicone polymer-silicate
2 Category premium premium
3 Black mould/ algae resistance limited very high
4 Adhesion to substrate mechanical (film) chemical bonding
5 Risk of cracking or flacking high none
6 Dirt resistance average very high
 7 Vapour permeability average very high
 8 Application on not fully dry substrates not possible possible
 9 Resistance to elements average very high
10 Spot repair difficult easy
11 Flame Retardancy none Category A
12 Colour resistance average to good very good
13 Water absorption low very low

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