polymer extreme base coat for EPS


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polymer extreme base coat for EPS

Terrix® AD-BX is a high-performance, cement-free dispersion base coat designed specifically for use with Terrix® External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems. This innovative, ready-to-use product stands out for its exceptional impact resistance, significantly surpassing that of traditional cement-based coatings.
When applied in conjunction with a reinforcing mesh, Terrix® AD-BX achieves a level of impact resistance that traditional cementitious base coats cannot match. This resilience is further enhanced when utilised as part of the Terrix® EWI system, featuring standard and armoured mesh layers, culminating in an impact resistance exceeding 100J. Such robustness is tenfold the benchmark of Category I as per ETAG 004 standards, marking a new milestone in durability and strength.
Thanks to its dispersion-based formulation, Terrix® AD-BX is not only resistant to the most common acts of vandalism but also offers superior adhesion to various substrates. This eliminates the need for a primer, streamlining the application process.

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  • Exceptionally flexible, accommodating impacts over 100J when applied with 2x reinforcing mesh;
  • Microfibre reinforced for superior durability;
  • High adhesion to various substrates without the need for a primer;
  • Ready-to-use and customisable with colour options;
  • Ideal for high vandalism-resistance requirements;
  • When used as a base coat with Terrix® EWI systems, provides a tenfold increase in impact resistance compared to category I standards.

Technical Data

Base binder: acrylic dispersion;
Colour: cream (can be coloured if required);
Usage: as a base coat for systems with one layer of standard reinforcing mesh approx. 4kg/m2;
Temperature of application (air and substrate): from +10°C to +25°C;
Max. application relative humidity (Rh):
Adhesion to EPS: ≥ 0.08 MPa;
Packaging: single-use plastic packaging of 20 kg;
Storage: store in the tightly sealed, original packaging in a cool area, ensuring protection against frost;
Shelf life: 12 months from the production date (factory-sealed packaging).

CAUTION: Keep the product out of reach of children.


Substrate preparation:

  • Ensure that the substrate, comprising secured Styrofoam panels, is structurally sound, devoid of dust, even devoid of moisture, and free from any substances that could inhibit adhesion.
  • The substrate must be safeguarded against the absorption of moisture through capillary action and shielded from water ingress due to atmospheric conditions.
  • Any layers that are not adequately bonded to the substrate need to be removed to ensure the integrity of the reinforced layer.
  • Base layers of the system should be installed in compliance with the technical specifications of a comprehensive External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS).


  • The product is supplied ready-to-use within its packaging.
  • Prior to application, ensure to mix thoroughly to achieve a consistent texture.
  • Should adjustment of the consistency be required, it is permissible to dilute with water, with a recommended maximum of 0.2 litres per 20 kg of the product.

Base coat/ reinforcement layer:

  • Commence by fitting stress patches at the apertures of fenestrations, such as door and window openings. This involves the strategic placement of diagonal strips of reinforcing mesh measuring 250 x 300 mm at a 45° angle, affixed using Terrix® AD-BX mortar.
  • The application of the reinforcing layer (comprising both base coat and reinforcing mesh) is only to proceed on even, uncontaminated, and abraded EPS board surfaces, and not before three days post-installation of the boards to ensure proper adhesion.
  • A uniform layer of the base coat mortar, approximately 3-4 mm thick, should be applied over the substrate, extending as far as the width of the reinforcing mesh.
  • Utilising a notched trowel, distribute the base coat mortar and promptly bed the fibreglass reinforcing mesh into this layer, ensuring it is taut and completely encapsulated by the mortar.
  • Should the surface require further smoothing, an additional slender layer of the base coat may be administered.
  • Adjacent strips of mesh must be overlaid by at least 100 mm to ensure structural continuity.
  • Upon setting, any noticeable trowel impressions should be sanded off to achieve a smooth finish.
  • The aggregate thickness of the reinforcing layer (base coat plus a single tier of reinforcing mesh) is to be maintained within the range of 3-5 mm.


The adhesive takes at least 3 days to dry (at a temperature of +20°C and a relative humidity of 65%). Until curing, protect the layer from precipitation and condensation.


The drying time of the product may be significantly extended in conditions of low temperatures and high humidity, as the curing process relies on the evaporation of water.

Useful hints: 

  • For an optimal, crack-free finish, it is advisable to achieve a homogenous architectural surface by completing the application in a single work cycle.
  • The AD-BX should be applied and allowed to dry under rain-free conditions, ideally in a temperature range of +10°C to +25°C.
  • To ensure easy maintenance, tools should be cleansed with water immediately after use.
  • Application conditions should avoid direct sunlight, strong wind, or excessive humidity to prevent adverse effects on the product’s performance.
  • Employ protective measures such as nets or tarpaulins on scaffolding to safeguard the fresh, reinforced layer from the elements.
  • The substrate should be evaluated for moisture absorption characteristics; avoid applying AD-BX to areas prone to capillary moisture ingress or sustained water and atmospheric precipitation.

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